The Artisan GE63-70 is a double bed Mid Gauge (7.0mm) manual patterning machine with 147 needles on each bed, complete with a well-designed, sturdy stand! It is a metal bed machine capable of stockinet, slip, tuck, as well as knitweaving and plating! It also does an excellent job of ribbing, fisherman's rib, and circular knitting because of the angle of the beds. It is an excellent knitter, and comes with all small tools, cast on combs, and weights as it is extremely easy to learn, very sturdy and reliable, and the carriages are quite easy to push. Plus, it knits DK, handspun, and other hand weight yarn like a dream! An Intarsia carriage and ribber covers will be available for this machine later this year.


The Artisan JBL-245 is a metal bed Standard Gauge (4.5mm) punchcard machine, complete with detachable ribber, with 200 needles on each bed. It is capable of stockinet, tuck, slip, fairisle, thread lace, knitweaving, and plating. The 24 stitch punchcard mechanism will accept all existing punchcards from Brother, Studio and Toyota machines! It also does ribbing, fisherman's rib, circular knitting, and double jacquard (with the optional color changer).

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